This is the list of songs in Waking Dreams. We are currently producing a full recording of the show which will be part of the preview materials, should you be interested in performing the show. The links in the song list below will give you excerpts from the demo recordings of some of the songs. The YouTube links will take you to clips of the semi-staged reading held earlier this year.

1. Overture (instrumental)
2. Dance music (instrumental)
3. The Appropriate Fee (Opal, Sapphire, Diamond, Emerald, Harriet)
4. I'm Gonna Show Them (Ruby) (YouTube)
5. I Will Make One Great King (Conceitus, chorus) (YouTube)
6. Our Little Girl (Frederick, Constance)
7. A Nice Young Man (Justin, Thomas) (YouTube)
8. A Lady Too (Constance, Milly, Molly, Frederica)
9. A Taste Of Freedom (Frederica, Milly, Molly)
10. The Plan (Ruby, Burch)
11. We're Gonna Show Them (Ruby, Burch)
12. There's No Destiny (Harriet, Opal, Sapphire, Diamond, Emerald) (YouTube)
13. You've Got To Believe In Something (Justin, Harriet)
14. Entracte (instrumental)
15. The Story Of Colin (Colin, chorus) (YouTube)
16. Right And Wrong (Opal, Sapphire, Diamond, Emerald, Harriet)
17. It's A Funny Old World (Justin, Ruby)
18. Believe (Justin, Frederica)
19. Just What You Need (Burch, Ruby)
20. It's Over (Justin)
21. Look (Frederica) (YouTube)
22. Finale (ensemble) (YouTube)