This is the cast list for Waking Dreams, in order of appearance. Please scroll down to find out about staging requirements for the show.

Frederick (the King)
Constance (the Queen)
Opal (a WOFA - the new name for fairies)
Diamond (another WOFA)
Emerald (another WOFA)
Sapphire (yet another WOFA)
Harriet (a WOFA-in-Training)
Ruby (a WOFA gone bad)
Colin (a barbarian, later a florist)
Dottie (a dressmaker)
Frederica (a princess)
Conceitus (a prince)
Justin (Prince Conceitusí personal assistant)
Thomas (the head of Prince Conceitusí personal guard)
Burch (a traitorous servant)
Milly (a maid)
Molly (another maid)
Optional chorus (noblefolk at the castle, peasants elsewhere)

In our rehearsals we have successfully doubled some parts:
Frederick and the Beggar
Conceitus and Colin
Milly/Molly and two of the WOFAs
Narrator and one of the WOFAs
Thomas / Burch / Doorman


The show has five basic locations:
- a castle's throne room
- a princess's bedroom
- the WOFAs' headquarters
- a forest path
- a corridor in the castle

There are also some conversations which can be held at the front of the stage as the set is changed. But we haven't really addressed staging and choreography in the script. What you do, and how far you want to go, is largely up to you.