one plus one: a new musical
by gil and sarah jaysmith


What is One Plus One?

One Plus One is a musical by Gil & Sarah Jaysmith. It's about two couples going through the emotional wringer of infertility. What they thought was their undying love is fading away, and they face a personal apocalypse. And all the time, the biological clock is ticking... it's ticking... it's ticking... it's ticking...

What's its status?

We had four very successful readings at the Havana Theatre, Vancouver, in January 2012. We are now working towards the next stage of development.

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What's your plan?

Well, we'd like to see it produced, in Vancouver and/or elsewhere. So if you're involved with a theatre company with an interest in new musicals, get in touch!

Let me hear some of the songs.

Sure. Here you go:

Why this subject matter?

For us, it's a fascinating, powerful, and timely subject... an angle on human relationships which few musicals have explored, and a problem which may be affecting people you know right now.

But it's not just about infertility... it's about couples second-guessing themselves, going back on their own decisions, backing out on their promises... finding that they maybe aren't as close as they thought. There's no 'other man' or 'other woman' in this show. It doesn't take an affair to break a relationship. Sometimes they break all by themselves.

Who are you people?

Sarah Jaysmith is the composer. She has worked at Capilano U as the accompanist for the Musical Theatre program, and has been musical director for numerous Vancouver shows. She is trained in Speech Level Singing and offers singing lessons and vocal coaching. She also writes lyrics.
Gil Jaysmith is the lyricist. His day job is completely unrelated. He also occasionally writes melodies.
Together they write and perform songs as Chilli & Sage - listen to some of those songs here.
This is their first musical together. Sarah has also written a musical called Waking Dreams, a slightly twisted musical version of Sleeping Beauty.
Gil has performed and Sarah was musical director for The Broadway Chorus, for which they also wrote and arranged songs.


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